Humanihut And United Aero Group Team To Deliver Instant Shelters Worldwide

July 19, 2017

Stratford, CT - Building on its growing reputation as distributor of some of the world’s most innovative technologies, United Aero Group is pleased to announce the addition of Humanihut to its portfolio of landscape altering products. 

Humanihut produces shelter systems for humanitarian, commercial, and military uses. They are immediately deployable, temporary, rigid buildings that can be configured from single to multiple units to support camp and humanitarian relief environments. They are the most logistically efficient housing units yet developed and provide a vast improvement in life quality and dignity over tents and other approaches to housing people in need of shelter due to homelessness, emergency, and field conditions.

Conceived by a veteran Australian army officer experienced in military operations and humanitarian efforts, the Humanihut system is a complete rethinking of the principles around temporary housing. The design is robust, insulated, heated, air conditioned, and integrates services and internal furnishings directly into its design. Shipped flat folded, up to sixteen units can be transported in standard shipping containers, delivered to any minimally prepared location and assembled in less than ten minutes per unit. Solar powered, they include water, sewage treatment, are fire retardant, and are rated to last for twenty years over multiple deployments. The shelters can be cleaned, folded, and returned to containers, ready for reuse.

Through its domestic and global distribution networks, United Aero Group is actively engaged in discussions with a wide range of military and civilian customers for deployment of Humanihut solutions overseas and in the US.

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