Liftwing Takes Off

April 4, 2017

United Aero Group is proud to announce the formation of a new company, Liftwing, in partnership with its longtime transport logistics partner, BTX Global Logistics.

’Liftwing’ arose from a series of discussions about the separate journeys of United Aero Group and BTX , and the ‘blue sky’ opportunities provided by a first-of-its-kind marriage of aerospace precision to the unsung rigor of global logistics and fulfillment.

The new company is formed as a joint venture with management responsibilities shared between the management teams of the two parent companies. Liftwing will provide services not previously possible, but primarily revolving around warehousing, direct fulfillment, just-in-time delivery, reverse logistics, and Integrated Process Optimization (IPO).

Liftwing is already fielding services requests from clients of United Aero Group and BTX in anticipation of the official start of operations, scheduled for January 2017.