United Aero Group and Japan Aerospace team to provide aviation services throughout Japan

October 5, 2018

Stratford, CT  - United Aero Group is proud to announce that its aviation parts and repair services will be represented throughout Japan by Japan Aerospace Corporation, one of the largest aerospace technology providers in Japan. Japan Aerospace sells business jets, turboprop, and piston engine aircraft, as well as helicopter engines, reciprocating engines for private aircraft, commercial companies, and air services companies; and avionics systems, fire fighting, and other aircraft systems.

“After learning of the work we are doing, Japan Aerospace twice made the trip to visit us here in Stratford and at our Shelton facility. They have been looking for the right U.S. partner and I am honored that they reached out to us.“, said United Aero Group Co-founder and CEO, Jamie Gelder.

Due to the strength of their strong relationship and year-over-year increases in work volume, the two companies will now jointly provide access to the benefit of U.S. technology and service within the robust Japanese aerospace market. Japan Aerospace will function in Japan as the licensed trading company while United Aero Group will through its extensive network, be the U.S. conduit for parts, repair, and OEM relationships.

In the last year, United Aero Group has significantly expanded its service offerings to the global market and is developing additional similar relationships worldwide.

For additional information contact: Fredrick Maynor at fred.maynor@unitedaerogroup.com.