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Satellite communications for your aircraft

Honeywell's smallest Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system enabling simultaneous voice and data connectivity at rates up to 600 k​bps on all classes of aircraft.
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MRO Relationships
United Aero Group has relationships with over 1,200 MROs across the world. Every repair is expertly managed by our team of veteran parts professionals, allowing us to provide the most reliable, honest, repair quotes in the industry.
Parts in Inventory
We have one of the largest inventories of parts for Sikorsky S-76 helicopters, plus parts for UH-60, S-70, Bell, Leonardo, and Eurocopter.
Transport Hubs
United Aero Group is a global company serving customers in nearly 100 countries and over 2,400 transport hubs around the globe.
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We track our roots to Sikorsky Aircraft, one of the most prominent aviation companies in history. As a customer as well as dual commercial and military suppliers to Sikorsky, we are one of just a handful of companies able to so directly interact.

We are prime distributors of the Honeywell Avionics systems that provide unparalleled capability on virtually every commercial and defence aircraft in the world today.

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